our promise to our guests

    We are committed to providing the highest quality spa services available to all guests! Our team of seasoned professionals believe in giving 125% of their efforts with every service they offer!

   We do not discriminate against any person who wishes to use our spa services, everyone is welcome here!  In addition to this, we welcome guests of ALL ages.

   We promise to protect your privacy both in what you share with us. Your personal history and/or medical conditions are always confidential.

Offering you our very best every day

    We constantly search for new and improved methods, products and systems to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of natural spa services at all times! We will always look for ways to improve our guests' spa experience! 

  We believe in offering the highest quality services at reasonable and competitive prices! We DO NOT believe that just because we are an "upscale spa", we should charge outrageous prices for our services!

   We want you to come back often and feel good about it!

So... When you want a "TRUE SPA EXPERIENCE", for an hour or the entire day...

Experience the "Magic" of Elysian Fields Massage and Spa! Come see why we are "Paducah's Most Luxurious, Non-Medical Relaxation Spa!"

Our Story



The beginning of a dream...

Our story began in 1972 as merely the dream of a 10 year old boy. Our founder received a quarter for a 15 minute back massage from his cousin. He took the quarter, and it was then he knew what he wanted as a career. Although at age 10, getting from “point A, to point B” seemed an insurmountable task.

How our spa name developed

The spa’s name was generated by two memories, one from childhood and the other from high school. The first occurred in high school world history, the second was the childhood memory of running through wheat fields on the family farm. Running through and knocking down wheat in the wake, provided an exhilarating experience for him. A learning experience in high school was the second. In high school world history, studying about how Ancient Greeks, believed that if one led a “good life” they would spend all eternity running through the Elysian Fields, (described as fields of gold). The mental image of “fields of gold” and the joyful childhood memory of running through the wheat fields, symbolic of a field of gold, left a lasting impression with our founder for many years.

Early days of massage

Even after years of College education, multiple degrees and a wide variety career paths, our found was still unhappy with his career choices. He still wanted to be a Massage Therapist and own his own spa. In approximately 1990, he began his self-study of massage therapy. However, it was not until 1994 that the first of many massages were done. Working part-time in the homes of friends and family for only $20 per hour! (At the time a friend suggested the price, our prices have changed since then!), the first Elysian Fields Massage business was formed. It wasn’t until 2002, that the first physical spa location developed in a Mayfield, KY, beauty shop, followed by locations in Fulton, KY and at a Paducah medical spa. Unexpectedly a work injury, put all spa plans on hold for nearly 1 1/2 years.

Starting over

Having previously owned and operated multiple massage therapy business locations, the dream was once again alive in 2005. In a small room with only 56sqft, within a beauty shop, the dream began to unfold, again, but slowly. Two years passed, and a great many clients later, in 2007, Elysian Fields Massage & Spa was a reality at our current location at 3420 Lone Oak Road, Suite A, Paducah, KY.

The idea of offering the best in natural based spa services, coupled with guest services that are literally “second to no one”, has, and always be, our promise to our guests. A concept developed by a very young “entrepreneur.”

The dream is still alive!

From very humble beginnings and still today, Elysian Fields Massage & Spa is a dream fulfilled for a young boy, who didn’t know how difficult the road ahead would be, but, did not give up!

Now, poised for strong growth into the future, Elysian Fields Massage & Spa has risen to a status beyond his original expectations. However, it would not have happened without all of our wonderful guests, who we affectionately feel are like family. When you receive ANY of our 100+ available services, you become part of our spa “family,” and will always be treated the same way with EVERY visit!

Welcome to “What A Spa Was Meant To Be!"

If you haven’t experienced “What A Spa Was Meant To Be,” you haven’t been to Elysian Fields Massage & Spa! The highest quality services, the best guest service and reasonable pricing available Monday through Saturday, year-round. Our underlying philosophy has always been to offer “a spa EXPERIENCE, not just a massage!”

We are very proud of our past, and future. We are always excited to welcome new guests into our “spa family!” From Wales, UK to Colombia, South America, to guests from all across the USA, we are excited to be the Paducah area, “spa of choice.”

Call us today for your reservations at 270-554-3320, and experience the “Magic” of Elysian Fields Massage & Spa today! Where you are always “f

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