About Us

"What a Spa was Meant to be!"

    Elysian Fields Massage & Spa, where luxury and relaxation is taken to the highest level! Rest and rejuvenate your entire body in our luxurious and serene atmosphere. Soft ambient music, therapeutic scents and calming waterfalls welcome you to a place of total relaxation where you can leave all of your cares behind!

our promise to our clients and our team

    We are committed to providing the highest quality spa services available to all guests! Our team of seasoned professionals believe in giving 125% of their efforts with every service they offer!

   We do not discriminate against any person who wishes to use our spa services, EVERYONE is welcome here!  In addition to this, we welcome guests of ALL ages.

   We promise to protect your privacy both in what you share with us. Your personal history and/or medical conditions are ALWAYS confidential.

Offering you our very best every day

    We constantly search for new and improved methods, products and systems to ensure that we are on the cutting edge of natural spa services at all times! We will always look for ways to improve our guests' spa experience! 

  We believe in offering the highest quality services at reasonable and competitive prices! We DO NOT believe that just because we are an "upscale spa", we should charge outrageous prices for our services!

   We want you to come back often and feel good about it!

So... When you want a "TRUE SPA EXPERIENCE", for an hour or the entire day...

Experience the "Magic" of Elysian Fields Massage and Spa! Come see why we are "Paducah's Most Luxurious, Non-Medical Relaxation Spa!"

 Call for reservations today and discover what Elysian Fields Massage and Spa can do for you! 270-554-3320 

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