Don Kirkwood, LE Licensed Esthetician


Don is a Licensed Esthetician of "epic proportions" and a very long-term team member at our spa!


 "Don has become an integral part of our spa. He serves as our Lead Esthetician (aka: Skin-Care Guru Extraordinare!).  We respect him for both his friendship with our entire staff, his talents as an exceptional Esthetician, and as a great staff member!

"The spa would be a different environment without him!" -Scott 

Don joined our spa in July 2008 and has been extremely busy doing all types of skin-care, body-wraps and waxing services ever since!

Don has a great deal of experience in doing ladies' brazilian and bikini waxing, with minimal discomfort and with the upmost degree of expertise as well! Don maintains the highest level of professionalism with every service he performs at the spa!

Don is always cheerful and fun to chat with, but when it comes to expert skin-care, he's all business! Don has a wide array of specialty skin-care services that he offers exclusively at the spa! He is a proven skin-care professional who has a wealth of knowledge through his advanced training and many years of skin-care experience.

If you've been looking for someone to improve your skin, from skin issues to aging, Don is your man! We are certain that you will not be disappointed!

Experience ultimate skin rejuvenation with just one treatment or an entire skin-care package. Schedule an appointment with Don today!

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